Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair PRESENTS: Agustina Diez Sierra

Catch the following artist at the Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair!

"Beliefs Around Quiapo" by Agustina Diez Sierra

“Beliefs Around Quiapo”
Mixed media, stuff brought from the Quiapo market, Manila, Philippines.
| 2’ x 2’ | $600

Agustina Diez Sierra
Chicago, IL
Artist donation for auction, “Beliefs Around Quiapo”

Me llamo Agustina Diez Sierra. I am a Cultural Artist. I’ve been living in Chicago for nine years but am originally from Salta, a province in northwest Argentina along the foothills of the Andean range. In Salta we embrace traditional customs and cultural art because they allow us to experience the world through the eyes of our ancestors. My art follows this legacy and attempts to capture the emotions of my most inspired moments.

I find inspiration from traveling and immersing myself in other cultures, and attempt to translate those experiences through art. I believe connecting with the earth and its people is life’s greatest reward because it gives us a sense of community and belonging. But I don’t believe in perfection of things. As far as I know, the only thing that approaches perfection is living a full life, which we can choose to either enjoy or destroy. Nature and life amaze me every day. We can’t belong to this world unless we appreciate what goes on around us. It’s incredible what Mother Earth, “Pachamama” offers us every morning, and I am grateful to her for giving me the moments, the time, and the sounds.

I am a Cultural Artist. Art to me is the power to let go and create a bridge that connects moments and feelings. It is the freedom to merge various art forms from every culture I visit. It is being constantly open to new ways of understanding and interpreting. Every piece of my art carries a deep message shown in different mediums. I want people to realize that we live in a jungle. We’re running like a clock, constantly being chased by the speed of life. I want you to step out of the race and into a place where time does not exist and the order of things is hidden.

I’ve always been curious about immigrants, women’s rights, roots, and traditions, and they tend to be subjects of my work. Art is my celebration of life, a voice for those who can’t be heard, a change of pace seeking to make the difference and help liberate the repressed feelings in this world.

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