Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair PRESENTS: Carolina Davis

Catch the following performer at the Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair!



Carolina Davis
Roselle, IL
Tentative setlist: Strip My Mind, I Wanna Feel What Love Is, I Refuse, I’m A Fighter

With an archive of over 300 songs and ranked number 1 on reverbnation as well as has over 130,000 views on YouTube; this Soul/R&b/Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer and Model has been putting her mark on the map since she could remember; being apart of musicals, recitals, talents show and majoring in college for voice performance Carolina is also trained to sing opera. She was awarded Tri-M; which is a Music Honor Society for excelled musicians. Through that society she sung the national anthem at basketball games and at different events around the area. Her song title “I Have Hate” was aired on Chicago Radio in March of 2013 and now has been broadcast on many radio stations throughout the Chicago land area and in Virginia.

For over 3 years Carolina has been touring consistently original pieces in the Chicago and has worked for over a dozen fashions designers in just 2013 and now has Chicago designers wanting to create outfits for her shows. In November of 2013 she opened for Atlantic Records artist Kevin Lyttle at the Enigma Lounge. Not only does Carolina do the creative side of things; she markets, promotes, brands and is an entrepreneur with many fresh ideas. She was the only black student in her class to graduate with honors as well as she is an advocate to empower teens and women to be powerful figures. In 2014 she will be performing in Amsterdam at “The Festival” (TBA). As well as currently released her first EP titled “Strip My Mind” which displays raw vocals with lyrically intense content and a creative music video behind it. “ I want my music to be relatable. I like to paint a picture in the listeners mind.” Carolina stated.

In 2012 she was featured as “Artist of the week” in the project fresh American Entertainment News in San Diego, CA. In 2011 Carolina Davis received music reviews from Leslie J. Bialik a European music executive, Emmy award winner Christopher Ewing of the Indie music channel and producer Stuart Epps, who is credited for working with Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Barry White and now he co produced Carolina’s song “Hardest Part”.

Growing up Carolina was surrounded by a great deal of music and fashion. Her mother was a strong music lover and would play all types of music, which gained Carolina‘s attention. Being a person who kept to herself; she found music to be a way to express her feelings and to get away into her own world. At a very young age Carolina got involved with music in every way that she could. She studied her craft by taking voice, acting and modeling training. She has been in countless Runway shows, windowing modeling as well as print and winning model of the year award with Victor Miller Fashion.

In 2010-2011 Carolina furthered her career by being an intern for Onnie Music Record label in Chicago, IL where she gained knowledge of the music industry business wise as well as performance wise. This same year Carolina explore new opportunities and that is when she recorded an album with producer Kenny Coleman from Chicago, IL. She has worked with other great producers such as Stereo Grey who has worked with Aaliyah, Maxwell, Smashing Pumpkins and so on as well as Tremaine Smith who has worked with many Chicago artist.

In 2008, Carolina was flown to Los Angeles to partake in a talent competition called I.M.T.A(International Modeling and Talent Association). While there for a week she competed in modeling, acting and singing. She got the attention of Marc Williams from Indasoul Records where they recorded a demo tape for one of her songs she wrote/composed called “Be Free“.

Carolina thrives to get her music heard globally and for people to be inspired, motivated and touched by her music and lyrics. . Carolina states in the PFresh – Project Fresh American Entertainment News San Diego Magazine, “It’s that simple. Just some “feel good and relatabe” music when people can sit back and get inspired and reminisce about what’s being heard…

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