Pick an act – any act!

Our performer timeslots are finally up!

Scroll down the list to see when your favorite artist is showing, or click on the ones you may be curious about. Come and go as you please starting 5:30 p.m. at the Copernicus Center Annex, 5216 W. Lawrence Ave. in Chicago, or stay for the whole thing! We hope you’ll stay, of course – there’s more than enough activities for everyone!

We have Ruby’s Fast Food palabok  and lumpia, Ysabel’s pancit in a big tray, and at least a couple more vendors selling food on the premises. Again – all proceeds benefit the medical mission and building either a classroom or hospital wing in Tacloban.

RSVP here! See you Saturday!

Quick links: 

5:30 PM 5:35 PM Introduction
5:35 PM 5:45 PM Filipino Cultural dance Troupe of Iowa
5:45 PM 5:50 PM Interview Booth: Home Depot
5:50 PM 5:55 PM Tevaga Family Hawaiian Dancers
5:55 PM 6:05 PM L.E.D.
6:05 PM 6:15 PM Carolina Davis
6:15 PM 6:20 PM Showcase Auction and Raffle Prizes / Postcards to Tacloban
6:20 PM 6:35 PM New Friends
6:35 PM 6:40 PM Junior Lovabulls
6:40 PM 6:50 PM Welcome Remarks by Judge Jessica O’ Brien, Announcements
6:50 PM 6:55 PM Interview with Tacloban missionary, Parish Javier
6:55 PM 7:05 PM Jst Bcz
7:05 PM 7:15 PM PACF Performing Arts
7:15 PM 7:20 PM Interview with Adeline Fajardo with the Philippine American Cultural Foundation, a 501(c)3 NFP
7:20 PM 7:40 PM Faceless Soul
7:40 PM 7:45 PM Interview Booths / Draw Raffle / Total Funds
7:45 PM 7:55 PM Video Montage with Christian Punzalan; Acknowledgements
7:55 PM 8:10 PM When Ned Left
8:10 PM 8:25 PM Bless Castro Peterson and Priane Gunabe
8:25 PM 8:30 PM Interview: On medical mission with Baron Cabalona and Dr. Ariel Tolentino
8:30 PM 8:35 PM Interview Booths / Draw Raffle / Total Funds
8:35 PM 8:45 PM Jennifer Ligaya
8:45 PM 8:55 PM TFKidz
8:55 PM 9:15 PM SamaSama Project
9:15 PM 9:20 PM Tacloban Rehab Talk with Baron and Louella Cabalona / Draw Raffle / Total Funds / Announce Booths & Silent Auction closing at 10 P.M.
9:20 PM 9:30 PM April Garcia
9:30 PM 9:40 PM TJ Medel
9:40 PM 9:50 PM CIRCA-Pintig vignette, “Caregiver”, starring Lovien “Joey” Flores
9:50 PM 10:00 PM Carlos Cousiño, a.k.a. “Smooth”
10:00 PM 10:05 PM Interview about Coron, Palawan and Marabut, Samar with Girlie Pascual and James dela Cruz / Announce Booths & Silent Auction is CLOSED
10:05 PM 10:10 PM Draw Raffle
10:10 PM 10:20 PM Defensor Method Kali Eskrima Academy of Chicago
10:20 PM 10:25 PM Final Draw Raffle / Announce Silent Auction Winners
10:25 PM 10:35 PM Saayidah
10:35 PM 10:50 PM Pacific Band
10:50 PM 10:55 PM CGCMD Stars Finale
10:55 PM 11:00 PM Closing / Acknowledgements / Total Funds


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