Tacloban Rise PRESENTS: TJ Medel

Catch the following performer at the Tacloban Rise: Naperville Haiyan Fundraiser!

TJ_Medel_March-219TJ Medel 
Chicago, IL
Tentative setlist: Arcade, Question, Cellphone, Forever Young

This New Jersey native started his spoken word performance career at the age of 13. He has attended The American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy in New York and holds a BA in Theater from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.

For the past decade he has featured, performed, and educated around the nation in over 150 schools, colleges, and venues. The most notables being Florida State University, Rutgers University, Duke University, Madison Square Garden, The Legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York, and the historical Green Mill in Chicago.

As a pioneer for the youth movement in New Jersey he would be on the 2006 New Jersey Youth Slam Team in HBO’s Brave New Voices, be ranked top 20 in the 2007 New York Knicks Poetry Slam Series, and in 2009 became the Southern Fried Regional Individual Poetry Slam Champion, earning him the title “King of the South”.

He currently resides in Chicago as an aspiring improv artist who currently studies at iO Theater, The Annoyance Theater, and Second City.

Visit the links below for more info:

Can’t Hold You Like Dance Can



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