Postcards to Tacloban

With the rise of e-mail, Internet, and mobile communication, paper mail has become relegated to bills, official correspondence that needs to be in writing, marketing mail, and… more bills.

Once upon a time not too long ago, and sometimes still today, people used to send postcards to each other.

Baron Cabalona's postcard artwork donation to ILPRO's Postcards to Tacloban activity.

Baron Cabalona’s postcard artwork donation to ILPRO’s Postcards to Tacloban activity.

Isabel Gilles, "Untitled." Postcards to Tacloban

Isabel Gilles’s postcard artwork donation to ILPRO’s Postcards to Tacloban activity.

Volunteers for ILPRO’s medical mission will bring personally-signed postcards from the Jan. 25 and Feb. 1 fundraisers to survivors as notes of encouragement to keep going, keep rebuilding, keep remembering we stand with you.

It isn’t always easy to relate to someone so devastated by a natural calamity the scale of Typhoon Haiyan, but here are some sentences to begin your letter: (Source: How To Encourage)

This must be very hard for you (opens the door to acknowledge the hurt)
I have no idea what that feels like (opens the door to describe the feelings)
It must be hard to accept this difficulty in your life (respect difficult circumstances)
It’s ok to have a bad day (accept and allow for mood swings)
I believe in you (be sure you can say this with conviction)
I am here for you (even if you disagree with the action taken)
Let me know what you need (be proactive and suggest specific offers to help)
I always try to understand you (tell me more)
I am so proud of you-who you are-your accomplishments (takes the focus off the problem)
Don’t give up-don’t ever give up (gives alternate action)
You showed courage in that situation (gives alternative feeling)

Remember to call the typhoon Yolanda, that’s from the local weather service, PAG-ASA’s, naming system in the Philippines; Haiyan is the UN World Meteorological Organization, or international code, for it.

Postcards are $1 donation to add to ILPRO’s fundraising. Ask for one when you register to attend the TACLOBAN RISE: Haiyan Naperville Fundraiser!

Maraming salamat for your support of Illinois Philippine Recovery Operations!



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