TACLOBAN RISE presents: Annivar Salgado

Catch the following performer at the Tacloban Rise: Naperville Haiyan Fundraiser!


Annivar Salgado 
Chicago, IL
Editor, film journalist, host/presenter and line producer from Darien, IL.
TACLOBAN RISE: Naperville Haiyan Fundraiser Host

Puerto Rican. Born in Chicago. US Navy Vet (1973-1979, Lifetime member VFW) Producer/Director/Writer/Editor of television and corporate videos for more than 25 years. (7 Telly awards, 3 Emmy Nominations, Excellence in Media Award recipient) Stand up comic for over 9 years. Award winning Lyricist. Percussionist. Bi-lingual-spanish. Dancer. A/V coordinator. Married to Doris for 32 years, with two great kids, Andrew and Armand (26 yrs and 22 yrs) Avid basketball fan!

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