TACLOBAN RISE presents: Orlando Cabalona, Sr.

Catch the following performer at the Tacloban Rise: Naperville Haiyan Fundraiser!

orlando_cabalonaOrlando Cabalona, Sr.
Chicago, IL

An amazing pianist who honed his craft by watching his classically trained grandfather secretly and imitating him play behind his back. In the Philippines, he was the 1st musician Yamaha commissioned in Visayas to showcase the Yamaha one-man band organ. In the 70s, he would frequently fly to Cebu and Davao from Tacloban for shows at the Allerton Hotel and big restaurants and cafes in the city and eventually got invited to perform in Osaka, Japan which he did for 3 years before they migrated to the US. In his 66 years of life, he has shared his talent to a lot of groups not seeking anything back in return. Most importantly, he has impart-ed his passion to all his children who are accomplished musicians in their own right. What he loves best is play music with the people close to his heart – his family and his friends.

Visit the following links to learn more:



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