The next phase

The next several weeks will be crucial for the volunteers of the Illinois Philippine Recovery Operations who are scheduled on flights to the Philippines.

Tacloban and the many other cities affected by Typhoon Haiyan face a long road to recovery. ILPRO hopes to help make that road a little easier to traverse.

The first phase are medical and dental missions to Tacloban on Feb. 25 and Paluan, Mindoro Occidental on March 2. The missions are modelled after previous expeditions lead by Ariel Tolentino, MD, RN; details can be found in this concise video and in the following schedule below, provided by Dr. Tolentino. Please click on each of the images to enlarge:

Dr. Tolentino is currently very busy ironing out details on the medical missions, which he had been either assisting with or conducting for 30 years. But here are some pictures of his progress:


Fairmont Care Center staff model the ILPRO medical and dental mission vests. Ariel Tolentino, MD, RN (first row, second from left) leads the mission to Paluan, Mindoro Occidental while Baron Cabalona (first row, first from right) leads the mission to Tacloban. Fairmont Care Center was a table sponsor at the Jan. 25 Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair. Photo courtesy of Ariel Tolentino.


Sample certificate of appreciation for medical mission volunteers. Photo courtesy of Ariel Tolentino.


Medical mission tarp as of Feb. 4, 2014. Graphic courtesy of Ariel Tolentino.

Some of the ILPRO team had already flown to the Visayas (using their own funds) to begin preparations for the medical and rebuilding missions. Some are currently in contact with potential recipients for further evaluation. Some are still gearing up for the long trip ahead. They’ll bring receipts, cameras, computers and other recording equipment to document their progress. We look forward to hearing from them very soon.


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