Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair PRESENTS: Photography by Beata

Catch the following ARTIST BOOTH at the Haiyan Fundraiser Music + Arts Fair!

beata_photographyPhotography by Beata
Bloomingdale, IL

Hello! My name is Beata, and I was born in Poland but grew up here in the United States. I will be taking photo’s at the booth at a discounted price and all the proceeds will go to the Haiyan Fundraiser.

Throughout my journey, I have had many life experiences but there was one that sparked my love for photography. It was the day my beautiful daughter Jade was born. This made me realize that life can be simple and filled with love. Love is my inspiration. I enjoy spending time with family, and taking photographs to capture those simple life moments that mean the most. Now that my other two children are grown, I have found more time for myself and can work on perfecting my craft. Portraits are my specialty (headshots, children, groups ect.). I am based in Bloomingdale, IL and cannot wait to work with you!

Visit the links below for more info:



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